Madden 18: “Worth the money”


G. Smith, Staff Writer

Madden, a delightful video game that has been around for twenty-eight years, has released their  28th edition and people love it.

With many different modes, a lot of fun and better graphics, what’s not to like? Although many people love it, the new version has some major issues.

UME Prep junior Brayden Ellis says, “It’s a fun game. There are lots to do, but I hate online the gameplay as it may be a bit difficult for many gamers.

The game has new players and some new game modes that can have lots of impact on your franchise career modes. The player on the cover who is always the best player in the NFL is Tom Brady “The Goat.” The editions include the Standard Edition which costs $59.99 and the Goat Edition which costs $79.99 and gives you more “madden points” in the Ultimate Team game mode.

I would highly recommend this game. It’s really fun and you can really get your money’s worth if you get the Goat Edition.

I would give the game a 4.3 out of 5 since the online part of the game can be really hard for people who haven’t played the game ever.