LH Wordsmith, Columnist

November is just about here! With this month comes colored leaves, hot chocolate, pumpkin, and application deadlines. With these alarming prospects looming in deadly proximity, how can one cope? Luckily, you’ve got me!

  1. November 1 – most colleges have an early application deadline of this date. If you’ve missed it, the late deadline is usually January 1.
  2. November 15 – other colleges have the early application due on this day. You’ve got about 2 weeks to make this one, so make it count!
  3. Scholarships – be sure to research all the scholarships you can! The information for the Grand Prairie Library scholarship (mentioned last time) can be found here. You can qualify if you are: a Grand Prairie resident and a high school senior, plan to enroll in a college or university as a freshman in the fall of 2018, have an active Grand Prairie Library Card, have volunteered a minimum of 10 hours at a Grand Prairie Library location before the close of the scholarship. This is worth $1,000 to the college of your choice! Another scholarship is the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. This one is $20,000, but the deadline is October 31st!

Applications usually consist of the actual application, letters of recommendation, transcript, FAFSA application, and occasionally the CSS application. For the letters of recommendation, be sure to find out who you need those from. Figure out who that would be for you, and make sure you ask them as far in advance as possible so they can have plenty of time to write those. The transcript must be requested through TEA. If you break things down into smaller bits you can complete the application without too much heartache. Use websites like or to help. These websites are user-friendly and free, so use them!

Applications don’t have to be stressful. Stay well informed and don’t be afraid to do a little digging. Set aside enough time, and manage that time well, and you’ll be fine! Good luck, seniors!

Featured Scholarship: Gates Millennium Scholars. Happy searching!

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