The Undefeated Champion


T. Yother, Columnist

And on the right side of the boxing ring, we have the Undefeated Champion who is known as the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, and the Savior of the world … Jesus!

In 1976 the film “Rocky” was released and became a huge hit, kicking off this boxer’s franchise. Rocky is an everyday person who goes through many obstacles in life and trains to become the ultimate boxer. Rocky has fought many fighters like Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), Clubber Lang (Mr.T), and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) to be the world heavyweight champion.

Even though Rocky is the world heavyweight champion in his movies, we have a world champion in our midsts every day. God has made all of creation: the ocean, the stars, the whole universe. He is sovereign over all and is in full control (Revelations 1:8). He has no beginning and no end (Hebrews 7:3). He is stronger than anything in this galaxy and holds the world in the palm of his hand (Psalms 95:4).

God is undefeated with no losses. Even though God is sovereign over all, He is also a loving God. God loves us so much that He gave up his one and only Son to save your eternity. That is an ultimate love. What’s so awesome is that this ultimate Savior and God of the universe loves you and is longing to have a relationship with you every day. I challenge you to get to know Him and have a relationship with this undefeated champion.