Is it iPhone X or iPhone 10?

Is it iPhone X or iPhone 10?

C. Marshall, Staff Writer

The iPhone X was released on Nov. 3 and millions of people loved the idea of having the iPhone X but people are confused on what to call it. Do they call it the iPhone X or the iPhone 10? If you think about it the X is a roman numeral. People are confused as to why they didn’t call it the iPhone 10 instead of X which is kind of weird to most people.

Apple settled the debate once and for all. The company said that the iPhone X is meant to be pronounced as the “iPhone 10.” The X marks the company’s 10th anniversary since the first iPhone first hit the shelves 10 years ago in 2007.

This isn’t the first time people were confused how you pronounce the name of an Apple item. There were some other problems that came with questions when Apple had the Mac X back in 2001. Here the “X” is also called the 10. Some people actually camped out all night waiting to get their hands on an iPhone X. In fact, there was one person who spent two nights by the Apple store to be the first person to get one but during that time a person tried to cut in front of him and tried to fight him. The guy ate McDonald’s for both days so he wouldn’t starve to death.The iPhone X is a cool device with face recognition or talking emojis, but is this iPhone X or iPhone 10 really worth the fuss of debating what it is called and is it worth our time to sleep outside waiting for it to come out to the world?  

That depends on your priorities. But regardless of whether the iPhone X is worth the money or time it takes to get one, we can all rest assured that we are calling it by the right name: not iPhone “ex,” but rather iPhone “10.”