Student Spotlight on Miriam G.

K. Meinecke

Student Spotlight on Miriam G.

K. Meinecke, Staff Writer

Miriam G. is a junior at UME. She is involved in many school activities like track, soccer, theater, and cross country.  She also likes to sing and has been in a choir in the past. Most people probably know that she has a twin sister that looks a lot like her. When asked how she ended up at UME, she explained that her older brother and younger sister were already going to UME, so she decided she wanted to join them.

There are a lot of things that Miriam likes about UME, but her favorite class is theater. She could not think of only one thing that she loves about theater and said that she loves everything about it. Miriam has been in lots of plays, in school and out. She loves musical theater better than any other type of theater.

Miriam said that in her free time she enjoys going to her church. Miriam loves being involved in her church. She goes on Sundays and Wednesday, plus some extra activities outside of the building.

Miriam said that the best thing to happen to her this week is track starting. She has been running track for the past few years now and she’s good at it. Miriam said that in her free time she also loves doing other sports, like soccer and cross country. Miriam is an interesting person and a favorite at UME.