Retro Styles Return

K. Meinecke, Staff Writer

  What retro trends are coming back in style? Throughout 2017 and the beginning months of 2018, some of the biggest trends have actually been inspired by the past.

     For example, one of the biggest trends on the internet over the past few years is thick eyebrows. What many people don’t know is that the heavily filled in eyebrow look actually came from the 1920s.

    In addition, almost everyone living in 2018 owns a pair of high waisted jeans. A cute pair of ripped high waisted jeans can make it look like you actually spent time putting together an outfit. High waisted pants date all the way back to the 1970s during the disco era.

     Returning retro trends don’t stop there, though. During the 90s the iconic tattoo choker, created to mimic a neck tattoo, was everywhere. The trend died for a while but came back around 2015 and is currently stronger than ever. The trend has branched out from just the simple black chokers and has turned into something much bigger. In 2018, you can find a choker to match any outfit.

   UME student Melissa M. said that one of her favorite retro trends is “the plaid skirts [that are waist high].” These plaid skirts, like the ones from the 90s, are everywhere and can currently be found in any mall.