Timeline of Austin Package Bomb Saga

By dbking - [1], CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3139127

E. Weldy, Staff Writer

Over the course of 19 days, five package bombs hit people in Austin, Texas, injuring five and killing two. But today it has been solved. Here is the full story of how it started.

March 2nd: 39-year-old Anthony House went to his front porch to retrieve a package. When he opened it in his home, the bomb detonated, killing him in the process. This set sparks all over Austin, Texas, leaving everyone wondering if they were next.

March 12th: Draylen Mason picked up a package and brought it into his home. When he opened it, the bomb discharged and killed him in the explosion. He was only 17 years old with a bright future. While the police were at the scene of Mason’s house, another bomb went off in southeast Austin, injuring a 75-year-old woman. Many people thought that after these previous incidents that this was racially motivated.

March 18: The bomber switched up his set up in the fourth bombing. The bomb this time was tied to a “Caution: Children at Play” sign by tripwire. When it was transgressed, the explosion hospitalized a 22- and a 23-year-old. This time the victims were white, so the racially motivated rumors were put to rest.

March 20: The bomber changed tactics once again. This time, this explosive was sent by mail. The blast occurred on a conveyor belt in a FedEx facility in San Antonio, injuring an employee. Six hours later, there was a report of a suspicious package in another FedEx facility in Austin. The authorities intercepted the package before it exploded.

After that event, police got a break — they got surveillance footage of the person. He had pink gloves, a blonde wing, and a baseball cap. So through receipts and witness sketches, they identified him as 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt. At a hotel in Round Rock, they found his vehicle. When they approached it, Conditt exploded himself and injured a police officer in the process. Police had fired on him, so it is unclear whether Conditt died from the gunshot or the blast. Officers interrogated his two roommates. Later they came across a 25-minute confession video on his phone. It was made late Tuesday night, March 20. The video describes him constructing seven bombs. Police say there was no indication he was going to stop or any motive on why he did it.