Student Spotlight: Melissa M.

Student Spotlight: Melissa M.

C. Marshall, Staff Writer

Melissa M. is a student at UME Prep. As a senior this year, she also has huge plans for her future. From starting community college in the fall to become a dental assistant to one day beginning a career as an entrepreneur, Melissa’s future looks bright.

Melissa will graduate from UME this spring and then take the summer off with family. Her new adventure begins as she heads off to community college in the fall to get her basics down, but she is determined to learn some skills that will help her support herself. So while hitting the books at college, she will also study to be a dental assistant. Her long-term plan is to open her own cafe or boutique, perhaps in the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

In 10 years when she’s 28 years old, she sees herself in a stable home and a stable relationship, and she wants to be one year into her business.

But for now Melissa is a typical teen who loves to listen to Demi Lovato during her free time. She has a dog that is a Mal-Shi that she absolutely loves. His name in Prince, and she’s always talking about this dog.

Melissa says that she’s excited to graduate and get her life started. Melissa loves to take care of her dog and hang out with friends and watch Netflix. Right now she is watching The Flash. Melissa’s hero is her mom because she puts others before herself no matter what kind of day she’s having.