Get Ready for Mother’s Day


A. Cervantes, Staff Writer

This year, Mother’s Day lands on Sunday, May 13. There is no clear reason how Mother’s Day came about, but there many theories about it.

As a kid or husband, you want to show your wife/mother that you appreciate and love her. This is the day to make the woman who brought you into the world feel special. On this day, every woman deserves this type of attention, because they are so hardworking and are so supportive in all types of situations.

As human beings, we don’t realize everything someone does for us. There is no love like motherly love and this is the time to remind your mother that you know all the little and big things she does for you and you wouldn’t be here without her.

Ernesto Garcia states, “My mom buys my grandma a Michael Kors watch because she deserves it.”

Typically, there are no big national festivals. Most people go buy roses, chocolates, or gift cards. But Mother’s Day can also be celebrated with a fancy dinner or an expensive gift. For example, Abigail Hoyos said, “We usually get my mom a card and little presents, and my dad gets her another purse to add to her collection.”

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays because there is nothing like showing your mother how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. There definitely should be some type of event where all the mothers come together to celebrate all the hard work they have done for their children.