Crime Doesn’t Pay … Especially When the Criminal is Stupid


K. Meinecke, Staff Writer

When watching movies and TV shows filled with supervillains that seem like they can get away with anything, it is easy to forget that the police do catch criminals. In the real world, criminals aren’t always intellectual giants. In fact, sometimes they are downright stupid.

    In Chicago, an 18-year-old attempted to rob a muffler store. Most of the shop’s money was stored in a safe with a password that only the manager knew. The manager had not arrived to work yet. The robber did not want to wait around and waste his time so he gave the employees his phone number and told them to give him a call when the manager gets back so he could come back and rob them. When the robber came back the police were waiting for him. The police caught him after shooting him in the leg.

    In Seattle, a burglar caught stealing from vending and laundry machines attempted to crawl through the air duct to escape. The burglar had moved the vending machines to block the entrance to the room before crawling into the ventilation system. After residents heard loud sounds coming from the laundry room, they called the police.  He was stuck in the air ducts and calling for help. It took 20 minutes for the firemen to get him out. Perhaps it should not surprise us that he was later charged with drug possession.

As the old saying goes, “Crime doesn’t pay.” Perhaps we could add to that: “… especially when the criminal is stupid.”