Bieber’s Burrito Disaster Faked?

Brook Vitovsky, Art Director

The photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways infuriated the internet on Oct. 25. But then on Oct. 28, Yes Theory came out and said that all of it was fake. This is how they fooled the internet.

Brad Sousa, a young Justin Bieber look-a-like from Canada, was called by a group of YouTubers called “Yes Theory” to create a controversy on the internet. Yes Theory debated on what to do. Many ideas were suggested: which way to eat a banana correctly, pineapple pizza, eating a KitKat whole instead of one by one, until Thomas Brag said, “What if he is caught eating a burrito sideways.” The idea abolished all other ideas and quickly they began to work. Once they picked up Brad from the airport, they got straight to work to get him into the “look.”

Their first attempt was to help a grandma cross the road, thinking it would become a viral video. But, soon realized that their “day in the park” turned into something more. After a first failed attempt of posting a photo of “Justin Bieber” eating a burrito sideways onto Reddit, their friend, Conor Castle, decided to post it in the “mildlyinfuriating” subreddit. An hour later it became  #1 for the subreddit.

Many people were upset on Twitter. One user, Ryan Bassil claims, “does….Justin Bieber not know how… burritos work?” Not soon after, many news outlets spoke out about this, creating an uproar around the world. But in the end, it was all an elaborate plan.