UME Prep Academy is First Charter School Showcased on CBS 11 Pep Rally

Taken from CBS 11 Instagram.

K. Johnston, Editor

 UME Prep hosted the CBS 11 news station on November 2, 2018. Everyone who woke up and attended the pep rally would say that it was a huge success. CBS 11 interviewed about 10 top organizations. They interviewed the Volleyball Team, Drama Club, National Honor Society, Flag Team, Robotics, Student Government, cheerleaders, Parent Achieving Community (PAC), Musical Theater, and the Varsity Football Team.

UME had approximately 360 students in attendance that represented the UME school body. UME administrators Ginger Stafford and Caralyn Ignatz organized the whole event. The students had to work really hard on the posters that were hung up everywhere and on the class chants. The Drama Club,  and Musical Theater, Cheer Team, and Flag Team had many practices to make sure they were perfect on the day of the pep rally.

   The CBS 11 staff that was there said a couple of times that “UME was one of their best schools to do because of the excitement from K-12 students.”

 UME senior Makinley Eddlemon took control of the CBS 11 social media during the pep rally and she said “I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun to take pictures and videos of everyone to show people on social media the culture and spirit at UME.”

This was a great opportunity to show off the spirit at UME. The faculty, staff, and students will forever remember this morning.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, you can open up this link below!