Teen Dared to Eat Slug, Suffers Consequences


S. Sierra, Staff Writer

19-year-old Sam Barrard of Sydney was dared to eat a slug but he never expected any consequences to follow, he soon learned that was not the case. The year was 2010 on a night where he and a couple friends were drinking in his backyard when Sam noticed a slug crawling nearby, “Should I eat it?” He asked and that’s exactly what he did. Moments after he started to experience a severe pain in his legs and was sent to the hospital, reported CNN News. What the doctors said shocked him and his mother, he said that Sam had developed rat lungworm disease because of the slug he had consumed. This disease can be passed onto humans from animals if the animal that was consumed had not been cooked or washed properly; in Sams case the slug he ate had gotten the disease from eating rat droppings which contained the lungworms. Soon after getting the news about his diagnosis, Sam fell into a coma which lasted 420 days and when he woke up he was completely paralyzed and unable to eat without a tube. But despite not being able to move or eat on his own, the disease did not affect his mental faculties. “He’s there 100%,” said Galvin, one of Sam’s friends and a witness of when Sam ate the infected slug.  In an interview with The Sunday Project, Galvin opened up about his friend, “ I apologized to Sam about everything that had happened that night in the backyard. And he just started to bawl his eyes out. I know he’s there.” According to The Sunday Project, Sam died weeks later surrounded by the people he loved the most.