Exotic Pets Change the World

C. Monteagudo, Staff Writer

You may think that dogs, cats, and hamsters are known as your average pet; but believe it or not, pet owners can be found with a lot of strange animals. From creepy crawlies to reptiles with sharp teeth, people everywhere go all out when it comes to owning wild animals. Many people have pets that seem unusual to have in a normal household, these are identified as “exotic pets.” Here are some examples of weird and strange pets that pet owners seem to enjoy having in their homes.

One unusual pet to have is the disgusting, Madagascar hissing cockroach. Believe it or not, there are people in this world that enjoy having creepy crawlies in their household! Even though the Madagascar hissing cockroach seems like a weird pet to have, according to the Spruce Pets, they are actually really “easy to handle.” Veterinarian and writer for the Spruce Pets Lianne Mcleod explained that “its human fans describe [it] as hardy, docile, and easy to handle,” and it “actually fits that description to a T.”  Their easygoing nature helps people with a love for bugs to become beginners in taking care of exotic pets.

Another weird animal to have is none other than a skunk. Most skunk owners will tell you that these pets are fun to handle and wonderful in every way. One reason for this is because these pet skunks are “disarmed’, meaning their scent glands were surgically removed at a really young age. As a result, these animals won’t be able to spray anyone. Lianne Mcleod, DVM, commented about skunks in an article for the Spruce Pet, “Skunks are stubborn and headstrong, which can make them a challenge to live with.” However, “skunks are also friendly, loving, very entertaining, and playful”.

Even though these animals seem pretty weird to live with, it doesn’t mean that they don’t live and act as an average pet does. Exotic animals help people learn and give them the opportunity to study them when they aren’t in their natural habitat.