Teens Earning An Honest Living

R. Steinert, Staff Writer

Many children in the 21st century are in need of a key factor in our society: money. To make money, they must first get jobs. It is usually hard for a teenager to be able to choose a job that they would be open to and still be interested in. Children under the age of 16 in Texas can’t get jobs due to labor laws which proves difficult. There are many jobs out there that teens don’t even know are out there. They would be amazed at what jobs are available and waiting for them.

One job that few teenagers even consider is a barista at Starbucks. They would be serving others “high-quality beverages” while at all times showing “presentation standards of the company,” according to the writers at HireTeen. Starbucks also helps give an education to eligible employees by providing “the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree at 100% paid tuition,” according to the writers of the Starbucks website.

Other job options would be simpler tasks like walking your neighbor’s dog or house sitting for family friends while they are out of town. Teens have a narrow, yet much wider range of job availability than their predecessors. Teens need to be sure about what field they go into since what you choose could affect your judgment for the rest of your life. The most important thing is for many more businesses to give teens free choices on what jobs they would like to go into and have the freedom to choose their path starting with a simple job.

A working teenager who prefers to remain anonymous has been a beta tester for multiple new video games which will not be named and  elaborated about the opportunity, “I get both the down-low on the newest games, make money, and also get to have fun so there’s really no loss.” Another teenager who prefers not to be named works with his family occasionally in their bakery. He expresses his pleasure with the job, “I never thought I would find my passion in a hot oven and a pile of dough, but I did.”