Benefits Outweigh Difficulty: Taking College Courses in High School

C. Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Kamryn Rodriguez, a current freshman at UME Preparatory Academy, says, “Taking college courses during high school is challenging, but it helps me to improve my thinking skills, to be responsible, and to better prepare myself for college.” Rodriguez says that taking a college course during high school is not only challenging but it can also be fun. Taking college courses can allow you to get early credits while still in high school. According to Ashley Smith on Inside Higher ED, 88 percent of the kids that took college courses during high school went to college and got a degree or transferred within six years. It saves a lot of money and helps you to get an idea of  what college will be like. Taking a college course can also increase your confidence; knowing that you were able to accomplish a portion of your college credits early will make you proud of yourself.

Eracelli Medina, a current freshman at UME Prep, says, “Taking a college course has its challenges but I enjoy the thrill of getting some of the credits I need for college. It teaches me responsibility and helps me to push myself to work harder.” Medina said that even though there are challenges in taking a college class in high school, it can teach you a lot about responsibility. According to Johnson, with the David Institute, he says, “Challenging, enriching course selection in high school makes a committed, interested student in college.”  It is true, it isn’t easy but it can push you to work harder. It is a good thing that high schools allow more opportunity to build your career early. Maybe you need that “little push,” to help you work harder, and to not settle for less.