Marvel vs DC: Which One is Better?

Marvel vs DC: Which One is Better?

Brook Vitovsky, Art Director

Everyone has heard or thought about which superhero comic is the best, but which is the better overall? Marvel or DC? To determine which one is the best, you have to look at the comic books and movies.

Ever since the first DC comic book sold in Feb. of 1935, New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine, people have been thirsty for more. Readers indulged in the comics, following the superhero Doctor Occult. But, it wasn’t until 1938 when Superman was created and blew up the superhero trend. Soon Marvel swung into action in 1939 creating Marvel Comics with Human Torch as their first superhero. Though they did have different storytelling, their superheroes had similarities. “This happened for a variety of different reasons. Some were tongue-in-cheek copies made to poke fun at the competing publisher, while others were honest attempts at capitalizing on something that worked,” as The Daily Dot states. Even with this, Marvel still sold more comic books than DC. Their most bought comic book in 2017 was Marvel Legacy No. 1 with more than 300,000 of the copies sold, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

When it comes to the movies, thousands of people debate on which is the best. In Nov. of 2017 both Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League came out only 2 weeks apart. This caused many Marvel and DC fans excited to see which movie was the best. Overall Thor: Ragnarok made over $315 million in the box office, while Justice League made about $230 million reported by Box Office Mojo. Though both movies do seem great, Thor takes the cake. UME Junior Andrea Chun stated that Justice League seemed “bland” compared to Thor: Ragnarok after seeing both.

But in the end, Marvel takes the lead. Maybe one day DC will?