Juice Diets: Do They work?


E. Silvia, Staff Writer

If you desire to go on a diet, juice diets aren’t the best option. Juice diets don’t provide as much energy as you may think. Juice diets aren’t positive for your health, due to the different ingredients they contain.

“I think it’s a quick fix for people,” said UME parent April. There is a small portion of things that are positive about juice diets. According to Dr. Axe from Food is Medicine, you can enjoy your daily dose of fruits and veggies easily through juice. There might be fruits and vegetables that aren’t appealing, but if you decide to get a juice and try it, you might like it. If you buy the juice from a store, it might not even be the real deal, it can possibly just be artificially flavored.

One reason that juices aren’t exceptional for a diet is the amount of sugar they have in them. Dr. Axe from Food is Medicine recorded that too much sugar can lead to blood swings. If you aren’t aware of what blood swings are, it’s when your blood sugar fluctuates often. Too much sugar can cause negative effects on your health.

“I feel they’re not good for you because they aren’t giving you the proper protein and carbs you need,” said UME parent Bobby.  Nutrition.gov explained that if you went on a juice diet and juice was all you ate and drank it wouldn’t be positive for you because they don’t provide the nutrients you need. Protein is a nutrient you need and without protein, it can create a negative effect on your health.

Buying the juice isn’t the only problem. When you make the juice yourself you can put too much sugar into it. Juice diets aren’t the finest way to go when you wish to be healthier. Juices have too much sugar in them, not enough nutrients you need, and they definitely don’t have the protein you need.