Importance of Family Support for Pregnant Teens


E. Silvia, Staff Writer

Being a pregnant teen can be challenging and difficult to handle. When it comes to pregnant teens, they have to be able to have money for themselves and their child.
   Teen Pregnancy has declined a lot from 1990, but it’s still occurring. It’s difficult for pregnant teens to get help from friends and family because of the situation they are in. Family and friends can either be  accepting or not happy about their situation. Teens who get pregnant might lose friends and support from some of their family. And during those times people don’t think about how hard and stressful it can be for a teen, especially a young teen, to find out that they’re pregnant.

   According to the Office of Adolescent Health, in 1990 the birth rate for every 1,000 females ages 15-19 was a total of 59.9 and in 2016 there was a total of 20.3. That is just from 1990 to now. Also, this statistic just shows the birth rate numbers. It doesn’t show the adoption rate for the babies or how many teens got pregnant and had an abortion, due to the lack of support and the amount of stress that was put on them.

   Being a pregnant teen is hard but after the baby is born, teens soon realize that the pain and struggle that they went through was worth it. My mom and older sister were pregnant teens; they both lost a lot of friends and the only people who were really there for them were their families. But once the baby was born, they didn’t regret anything, and now they cherish every moment they have with their kids. “It was hard being a pregnant teen. I got pregnant with my son at 18 and I had him at 19. He is now one-years-old and I enjoy playing with him, cuddling with him, the kisses he gives, and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said my older sister Caitlin Silvia. When my family first found out that she was pregnant we were all shocked and surprised, so surprised, it took me a few minutes to process it and actually believe her. When we were sure that she was pregnant and she started to tell people, she lost many friends and was extremely stressed and emotional.  If she didn’t think that she would have the support from her family, she found out that she’ll always have the support no matter the circumstances. “It was hard being a pregnant teen. I got pregnant at 17 with my oldest daughter and I had her the summer before my junior year. She is now 20 and has two sisters. While I was pregnant I lost a lot of friends and as a teen mom, I didn’t have any friends, but I wouldn’t change anything about it,” said my mom April Mathis. She really only had the support from her family due to the fact she was in high school and some people don’t like the idea of being friends with a pregnant teen, better yet supporting a pregnant teen.

   The lack of support can be the main reason for a pregnant teen to feel stressed. According to the Health Line, “Young moms face added stress from: sleepless nights, arranging childcare, making doctor’s appointments, and attempting to finish high school.”  Another cause of stress young moms might have to face is finding a job, as the teen might have to provide for her and her baby. The Healthline also says “while not all teenage mothers are affected greatly by mental and physical changes, many are.”

   Teen pregnancy can cause a lot of stress on the teen if they are still trying to go to school, hold a job, find doctors, and even trying to get insurance or medicaid. It can be extremely difficult for a teen to provide for themselves and their baby when they have no support. While teens can get extremely stressed and emotional during a pregnancy, once they actually have the baby their stress can decrease. Then as the baby gets older and they realize that their baby then means everything to them, they may learn that they wouldn’t change their experience for the world.