Scoping Out Heroism: American Sniper Review

Scoping Out Heroism: American Sniper Review

A. Allen, Staff Writer

Actor and director Clint Eastwood directed a great film, American Sniper, that I would suggest everyone should see. This award-winning film was based on a book written by US Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, who “performed his job with pinpoint accuracy” according to It was also reported that “the Pentagon has credited Kyle with over 160 kills,” said

There are good and bad aspects of Chris Kyle’s activities.  Some criticize him like Rolling stone saying “American sniper is almost too dumb to criticize” for killing so many people that “he is an inhumane man,” but did he have a choice? Chris Kyle suffered from PTSD caused in the war and he knew he wasn’t the only one so he started an organization called FIRCO that helps veterans with their PTSD and how they can overcome it. Does that sound like a man that is inhumane?

Others like The Telegraph defend Kyle, saying he was protecting our country and making sure his fellow soldiers were safe also. In an article on The Telegraph they said, “As Sniper demonstrates, his life was often in grave danger; two of his close comrades were shot and killed in the line of duty (one of the two died later from injuries sustained in battle).”

As for me, I recommend the film American Sniper because it gives us an insight of what really goes on in wars and shows us how soldiers make hard decisions, and how it affects them. Do you think he wanted to kill all of those people and have problems where he couldn’t sleep, where he was still in “war mode” even when he wasn’t at war, where he had to raid houses, see his friends die, and could have died himself protecting our country? He’s a hero in my eyes.