Dough Life: Edible Cookie Dough Review

Sarah Liz, Photojournalist/Editor

How many people remember growing up, making cookies, and stealing a lick of the cookie dough from the side of the bowl? Many scientists have said that cookie dough is not safe to consume because of the possibility of salmonella poisoning from the raw egg, but modern food creators have changed the ways of society with edible cookie dough.

Edible cookie dough creators from the article Raw cookie dough: is it safe to eat? say that the “allergy-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free options” are safe to consume without the worry of getting sick. Although Hadley Malcolm from USA Today writes that, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says cookie dough is a don’t because of raw flour, too, which can contain E. Coli.”

Now put aside the worries of the health issues in edible cookie dough; there are many shops that have set up around America selling they’re highly sought after edible cookie dough- the most well-known shop called “Dough Life”. With colorful containers holding the precious gem, after walking into the store you order your edible cookie dough with many similar flavors, and the same scooping concept, as if it were ice cream.  When eaten, the cookie dough appears like a scoop of ice cream but is chewy and warm.

When asked about their thoughts on edible cookie dough,  Ella Minnich, a sophomore from UME Prep says that “If there is a way to have a pleasure of eating cookie dough without the risks of salmonella, and it is a successfully functioning business model, then why not!” Connor Bement, a sophomore from UME Prep also commented: “It sounds disgusting but I’m sure it would be good if you tried it.”

It doesn’t matter what your first impressions are of cookie dough, you should take a chance and try it!