Waffles vs Pancakes: A Classic Food Feud

Waffles vs Pancakes: A Classic Food Feud

E. Chankin, Staff Writer

Waffles and pancakes: the foundation of a classic breakfast feast. There has always been a dispute over the best breakfast creations, specifically, waffles and pancakes are at the top of the list. Waffles are better than pancakes because they are crispy and not floppy, they hold the condiments much better than pancakes do because of their ridges.

Waffles are crispy, but light and airy. They allow for many different toppings and the toppings don’t fall off because of the wonderful valleys and hills to collect the gooey syrup and butter. Alton Brown, the famous host for Cut Throat Kitchen amongst other things, defines pancakes and waffles on his website. “Pancakes may be brown on the outside, but they’re floppy, soft and spongy, with an interior that looks a lot like cake. — Waffles, on the other hand, are crisp on the outside and light on the inside, like beignets, funnel cakes, hush puppies or doughnuts. In short, waffles are fried, only instead of being immersed in hot oil, they are encased in hot-oil-covered metal.”

Sophia Luna, a UME junior, when asked which she prefers said, “Waffles. They are helpful because they hold butter and syrup and they are pancakes with abs.” Pancake lovers also have something to say about their position though. Sarah Norman, another UME junior, said “Fat pancakes with good ol’ fashioned butter and syrup. Pancakes are better because of their light and fluffy circular yumminess.”

I interviewed 15 different students, adults, and teachers and this is the result: 9 of the interviewees preferred waffles to pancakes leaving only 6 for the pancake vote. Kevin Young, an IT director at Pioneer Bible Translators, remarked “Pancakes are boring. Waffles are more unique and have more character.”    

I’m going to let the data speak for itself, but waffles are better than pancakes. Their amazing syrup traps and crispy but fluffy composure are unbeatable. Which do you prefer?