Success Triggers Stress

Success Triggers Stress

A. Cervantes, Staff Writer

Being stressed as a teenager can be very unhealthy for your body and mindset, especially if the reason is school. You have to keep up your grades in order to pass, and even if you are able to pass your assignments you still have to worry about tests.

Having bad vibes throughout the day really takes a toll on how you feel and think. Maintaining a positive mindset may be difficult at times, because you know that a major grade will bring your grade down even if you are doing good in that class. Mary Ellen Flannery from neaToday stated, “by high school, high-achieving students face overwhelming pressure to succeed– and their parents aren’t always helpful.” U.M.E student Faith Bales said, “School is very stressful right now, because in order for me to get a car I have to pass this semester. Which means I have to pass the final exams and assignments, meaning I have to pass in general, but I have to do it if I want to be rewarded and get a car.” It is definitely harder to bring a grade up than it is to drop it.

According to U.S. News and World Report, “school can cause a lot of stress, which could lead to other serious problems, like sleep deprivation.” High schoolers especially may have a difficult time keeping up with a good sleeping schedule. The reason being is that we try to pull all-nighters trying to finish an assignment for school. UME student Gabriel Chapa states, “With all the finals and exams coming up, it has been very stressful for me because I need to maintain my grades.” If you are planning on going to college it is very important to keep your grades looking good, because sometimes your grades now will determine whether you are able to get into a certain college.

Students of all ages may gain an unhealthy mindset if continuously being stressed. School alone is difficult for some scholars to keep up with, but everyone has personal issues they are  going to have to worry about. Taking tests can be hard for some students and just because you don’t do so well on a test doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know the concept, but you have to work ten times harder trying to bring that grade up.