Spikefest: A Big Hit!

Spikefest: A Big Hit!

B. Heier, Staff Writer

Spikefest sure brought the competitive fighting spirit and teamwork out of our participants this last Monday night. For those who may not know, Spikefest is a series of volleyball games with designated teams for the high school boys, ran by the Girl’s Volleyball team and coaches. The referees and judges did their jobs well and with a good spirit, and there were very few close calls. The organization aspect of the teams were quite odd, as there were three teams, each completely different and distinguishable from the others. But the match lineups were fair, each team facing each team, with the top two teams proceeding to have a shorter final match at the end. Considering that according to the official flyer, this was the first Spikefest, things actually did run smoothly.


Sophomore Coach Reagan Barget said, “I really enjoyed it. I feel like I got closer with the people on my team, and no matter what the outcome was I was glad to be apart of it.” Everyone who gave it a good shot enjoyed it too. We saw many levels of players, but no matter where they started, everyone improved in one way or another that night. As Edmond Lau wrote on Forbes, “Working effectively as part of a team is incredibly important for output quality, morale, and retention.” We were able to see that those who worked as one unit were able to really improve and perform well.

I am unaware how the rest of the teams practicing went, but as a member of the “Kickin’ Chickens,” all I can expose about our practices was that they were considered messy to say the least. Even according to the “Kickin’ Chickens” freshman assistant coach, Addison Holland, “We didn’t have enough practice, but we pulled it together.” As our only real practice was the hour or two we had just before the event.

Altogether, the officials did their jobs, and the teams going through this event had a good opportunity for some growth and improvement in this competition.