Is Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 better than Fortnite Battle Royale ?


O. Herrera, Staff Writer

Fortnite Battle Royale has very well taken the gaming world by storm with their very entertaining battle royal mode that attracts players of all ages. They have also been dominating the gaming scene; making their competitors seem very lackluster for a whole year, due to their “free to play game mode” and new free content every week. Although Fortnite is an outstanding game, it has not been in the gaming scene for a long time. So players haven’t developed nostalgia for the game, compared to the affection and passion players have for Treyarch which has been making Black Ops games for 11 years. Black Ops has the very good chance to compete with Fortnite, due to its similar mechanics and their new mode called “Blackout.” Many think this new mode is going to innovate Battle Royale because of how realistic it is going to look and work compared to other battle royals.

One of the more noticeable differences between these two games is the age of the players who play them. According to The Sun, there are 78.3 million people who play Fortnite and most of them being just kids under 18. However, Black Ops is played by much older players who are 17 and above due to the game being rated M, which means people have to be 17 or older to buy this game. Andrew Morgan, a student from UME, said, “I much rather be playing a game where I don’t have to play with kids that are not even 12 years and have a squeaker voice and never listen. That’s the main reason why I play Black Ops over Fortnite .” According to  Epic Games, Fortnite is available in six different platforms compared to Black Ops which is only available for two platforms. This helps Fornite gain more success and be played by many more people. Jack Pulis, a student from UME, said, “What makes Fortnite a much better game than Black Ops is that no matter what your budget, age, skill level is Fortnite is for everyone of all ages. [It] is free to play and doesn’t require any skill which makes it a very irresistible and addicting game to play.”

These two games will be on top of the competition for a very long time because of how popular they are, which makes it hard to find out which is the superior game and this is also based on people’s preferences. Only time will tell what game withstands the power of time and keeps their players engaged in their content for years to come.