What Is The Meaning of Worship?


V. Martinez, Staff Writer

The music is slow and people are everywhere, some have tears in their eyes on their knees while others have their arms raised. A chilling atmosphere brings overwhelming emotions and a sense of comfort. This is what worship feels like.

Worship is bringing honoring or giving praise to something that is considered holy. In the case of Christianity, worship is for God. According to Crosswalk.com, “true worship is also a matter of the heart. It must be felt. It can’t be ritualistic.” Some may find worship boring since they might not understand the true meaning of it. Worship is not just something that is done because it is apart of religion. It is about connecting with God and surrendering to Him. Those who worship God become vulnerable to Him. Jessica Temminck a senior at U.M.E. Preparatory said, “it’s a great place to connect with other[s] in worship. It’s a place where we can go to ask about stress and anxiety and receive strength and encouragement to get through the week.”

The point of worship is to feel. A worship song or a single verse can trigger a feeling. A feeling of God, His presence, and what He is trying to say. Worshiping is an escape to just be with God and to surrender everything to Him. Furthermore, God being the generous and merciful God He is, lifts the weight off our shoulders. He gives us peace and everlasting joy. According to Got Questions.org, the answer to “what is the meaning of Christian worship?” is that “True worship glorifies God.” Aidan Weldy, a sophomore at U.M.E. Preparatory Academy, said, “I feel overwhelmed by the love of God and surrendering to Him makes me vulnerable. It makes me feel like a part of something bigger.”

In conclusion, worship gives a feeling of comfort to be vulnerable with God. Worship glorifies God with our praises. We worship to thank God for all the good He has done in our lives.