UME Cheerleaders Road to Victory


E. Silvia, Staff Writer

The UME Preparatory Academy Cheer Team traveled to the Austin, Texas area for their competition on Dec. 1, 2018. The cheer team worked their hardest to prepare for the competition with long hours of practice, encouragements 24/7 from their teammates, and it all paid off because they won the championship.

The highest score that could have been given out at the competition was a 100.  To get a score like that requires a lot of time and effort. The team learned their routine a week before competition and worked hard on it all week to receive a scoring of 99 out of 100. “I was filled with so much joy and I was so proud of my cheer team. All of the hard work paid off,” said UME cheer sophomore Lilly Jeffries. The entire team was full of excitement when they heard their name announced as the first place winners.

With extended hours of practice, the team grew a lot closer as the day  came closer. “The hard work really paid off, while we were preparing. I honestly think I’ve never felt closer to the girls. God really had his hand on this experience,” said UME cheer eighth-grader Faith Hart. The cheer team has a significant bond with each other that’s unforgettable. When a sports team has a big game or competition they grow closer to each other as they work hard to achieve a similar goal. According to Public School Review’s author Grace Chen, “everyone is working towards a common goal in team sports, students learn firsthand how their performance impacts the rest of the team.” The cheer team’s Coach Candiss Smith was definitely proud of her team knowing how hard they worked and how much effort was put towards accomplishing the first place win.

First place might just seem like no big deal to some people; but to the cheer team, their coach, their school, and everyone who helped make the competition possible, it’s definitely something big  that they will never forget.