First Five in the Books


N. Brooks, Staff Writer

Two months of play are out of the way. Here’s your recap on everything that’s happened so far with your Eagles Varsity Basketball.

After the first five games, the Eagles stand with a record of 3-2 going into winter break. After Friday’s game, the head coach, Kyle Shaffer, and one of players talked about how they felt after these first five games.

“I feel that we have done somewhat ok to start the season. We need to keep working because we have not played to our highest potential,” said Coach Shaffer after their recent 20 point victory over Harmony Business. His speech in the locker room made a huge statement on how they’ve performed overall.

Shortly after, one Freshman, Connor Chapman, talked about his perspective on their team’s performance, “We may not be the most skilled team, but I believe that we play with heart and aggression. Our effort has been really inconsistent with the way that we’ve played. We really need to do a better job at that if we want to play better.”

The stats correspond to what coach Shaffer and Connor have said. The Eagles have been struggling towards keeping a consistent stat line throughout all of the games. Their field goal percentage has been kept very low at 33 percent. They’ve had trouble with keeping the ball safe, averaging around 25 turnovers per game.

Although the offensive side of things hasn’t been working, the defense provides a handy highlight. In five games, the Eagles have found a way to rack up 75 total steals while averaging 15 per game. The hustle and heart has shown tremendously through their rebounds. They’re averaging 35 rebounds per game.

With winter break on its way, the Eagles hope to keep the hustle and heart mentality throughout their next six games.


UME 28 @ Founders Lewisville 67
UME 55 @ Stonegate Christian Academy 29
UME 20 @ Founders Lewisville 49
UME 49 @ Winfree Academy 26
@ UME 47 Harmony Business 24