Timeless Christmas Song Earning Controversy


R. Steinert, Staff Writer

Radio Station 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco, Calif. banned the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on Dec. 3 due to complaints about it being a song condoning sexual assault on winter dates. While many think that the song is harmless, many are still trying to rid the air of this classic holiday tune.

CBS News had a recent interview with the station’s program manager, Brian Figula, where he said that it was “…off for now,” and that the people would ultimately decide. The station ran a poll and the song was put back onto the Christmas playlist. Some say the decision to pull the song off the air was faulty the whole time, but some say it was reasonable with the lyrics.

Many radio stations across the country have discontinued the song and have not reinstated it. Some UME students have given their opinions to the Talon and asked to be left unnamed. “It’s a timeless classic and there are worse songs, so why are we getting so mad now?” stated one UME scholar. “[There’s] no reason to get rid of it now after it’s been around for so many years,” said another UME student.