From Flipping Pages to Running the Projector

From Flipping Pages to Running the Projector

C. Turley, Staff Writer

Fictional books have been around for many generations and it really shows how creative people can be. However, somewhere down the line, Hollywood decided why not base some of our films from some the best selling books of all time? This is causing arguments because according to readers of these books, the films don’t do the books justice.

One of the biggest complaints from people who watch movies like The Hobbit is that the film took out too many elements. User “Girlwithtonsofopions” from went as far as to say that it should be exactly like the book, “When a book is turned into a movie its because it was popular. It was made popular because people liked or loved the storyline. Therefore it should be the same.” Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible with films that are in time constraints of typically one hour and thirty minutes. Thankfully, user “Lumberjay85” from makes a point that more people should pay attention to, “Whenever people make a movie based on book [sic], it is just that, BASED on the book. Don’t look at movies as a visualization of the book, look at it as a retelling.” This is, for some reason, something readers are oblivious to; the fact that it’s “based” on the book just means that the core mission of the plot will be there, but won’t have all of the significant details. However, there are people who like both the books and the films, which is a good thing. A statistic on says that 45 percent of people prefer the books over the movies while 32 percent of people say that they are equally good. 

Usually movies like The Hobbit are judged based on what they remember from reading the book, but there are some people who go above and beyond. Some people actually bring the book to the theater and compare the scenes from the film to parts of the book. This just highlights how critical people can be to of films like The Hobbit; some people even recommend reading the book before going to the movies– so leave your book bag behind! However, there are reasons to go see the film before reading the book; the biggest reason was mentioned on, “This is a truth universally acknowledged. The sky is blue, water is wet, and the book will always be better than the movie. So why set yourself up for disappointment? If anything, you should view a movie as an appetizer to the real thing. That way you will start low and end high. What could be better?” Some may argue that doing this may discourage watchers of the film from reading the book (because why read when they’ve already seen it), but at least this way the book isn’t completely ruined by scenes being cut out.

Hopefully, this can give a new perspective on the movies based on books argument, because these types of films are always going to be made. Whether or not people like these films, they’re still going to be made because there are a lot of bestsellers.