What ever happened to the Game Boy?

What ever happened to the Game Boy?

D. Lopez, Staff Writer

  Did you ever have a GameBoy? Well if you didn’t I feel sad for you because now they have basically become extinct. The GameBoy has gone been out of style. Kids nowadays want new and improved technology like the Xbox One or Ps4. Kids will always want the newest, coolest thing.

        GameBoy was the cool thing when I was growing up so everyone had to have it. My older sister got one as a gift. Then when she got one, I wanted one too.  I eventually got my sister’s old one when she got another one.

         The reason I think the GameBoy went out of style is because Nintendo came out with the DS in 2004 and then PlayStation came out with the PSP a year after in 2005. GameBoy held on for a while coming out with a Gameboy Micro, but it was too late because the DS and PSP were the new things. Playstation came out with PS3 in 2006. I guess you could say GameBoy was getting run over by all this new technology. UME senior Jose Rodriguez agrees. He said, “The GameBoys died out because of the DSs took over popularity.”     

         The GameBoy has become extinct, but we need to give it due honor. Without of the GameBoy, we wouldn’t have all these new electronics. The Nintendo GameBoy ignited a new trend in youth electronics but the competition kept it from making it out of the electronics wars alive.

It went out of style so everyone gave up on the GameBoy.