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2018-2019 Staff

X. Rodriguez

Staff Writer

X. Rodriguez is a sophomore at UME prep and is one of the four class officers representing his class. He plays varsity soccer and will be playing varsity for his fourth year. He likes to read poetry, listen to it, and understand th...

A. Martinez

Staff Writer

A. Martinez is a Freshman. She likes to make people laugh. She loves to exercise and play basketball in her free time. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse.   

N. Brooks

Staff Writer

N. Brooks is a smart and athletic Freshman who is new to UME Prep. He loves playing basketball and playing video games. He also is a person who doesn’t know how to handle his feeling, so he relies on facts and shares them with o...

O. Herrera

Staff Writer

O. Herrera is currently a senior. He plays for the varsity football and soccer team. He is also a member to the National Honors Society. He is really friendly and caring person once you get to know him well. He is good at all...

A. Allen

Staff Writer

A. Allen is currently a junior, she was raised in Dallas by her stepfather and mother with her two younger siblings. A. has a very goofy and loving personality. She is all about her family and friends; if you mess with them...

D. Larson

Staff Writer

D. Larson is a 16 year old junior that currently attends UME Preparatory Academy. He enjoys watching sports, especially baseball and football. He has a part time job at Sprouts farmers Market. Whenever he isn’t at work, he...

V. Martinez

Staff Writer

V. Martinez is a passionate, understanding, and caring person. She is always laughing and trying to stay positive. V. wants all the people around her to have a great impact. She has a growing mindset of wanting to improve in anythi...

C. Rodriguez

Staff Writer

C. Rodriguez is currently a junior in high school. She loves to keep a positive attitude. She also loves to play volleyball and listen to music. This is her first journalism class and she has learned so much. She likes to keep her ...

B. Heier

Staff Writer

B. Heier is a sophomore, going through his first year at UME. He loves good times and talking to people. B. is also on the UME football team, and is a brown belt and instructor at L.A.K.A. In his free time, he enjoys anything f...

A. Currens

Staff Writer

A. Currens is as of now a freshman and this his first year on the Talon. He likes using his creativity to draw both digital and traditional art. He has dreams of becoming a competent football player on his school’s varsity footb...

E. Medina

News Editor

E. Medina is a new student at UME Prep, joining the Class of 2021. She loves going out with her friends. Her biggest passion is doing makeup. She’s been doing makeup since 6th grade and has significantly improved each year. She gets ve...

R. Steinert

Staff Writer

R. Steinert is a freshman attending UME Preparatory Academy. He spends his time isolated, away from everyone, trying to figure out what the meaning of everything could possibly be. When he isn’t doing that, he’s an anime ner...

E. Silvia

Staff Writer

E. Silvia is a sophomore and is in her first year of being apart of the Yearbook/Journalism team. She is always smiling and has a good attitude. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Emily loves to eat spicy and so...

S. Sierra

Staff Writer

S. Sierra is a freshman in UME, currently she is living with her Mom, Dad, older sister and two dogs. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, as a child she dreamt of seeing the world and exploring what's in it which is so...

C. Monteagudo

Staff Writer

C. Monteagudo is currently a freshman in UME Preparatory Academy. She moved from NY three years ago because her mom wanted to learn in a bible college called CFNI. She has two sisters and one brother. Her youngest sister, Catelia, o...

C. Turley

Staff Writer

C. Turley is a senior at UME Prep. He loves to write stories, and loves making videos for his YouTube channel. He hopes to one day become an author for a book series he is currently writing. He is also an avid Christian who is...

E. Chankin


This is Emma's first year at UME, and she loves it. She loves reading and spending time with friends, as well as studying music. She is an ambivert, so she will either be a quiet shy person or talk all day long.

Brook Vitovsky

Art Director/Features Editor

Brook Vitovsky is a junior who is starting her third year on the TALON as the art director. When she's not at school, she is usually at home drawing, both traditional and digital. Besides from drawing on her free time, she reads,...

Sarah Liz

Opinions Editor

Sarah Liz is in her third year at UME and is currently a Junior. She is a very social and friendly person and loves to talk to everyone. Sarah enjoys writing and has yearned to be a professional photographer. You can usually find...

A. Cervantes

Staff Writer

A. Cervantes is a Sophomore at UME Prep. She loves traveling and has been in many states. If she had one place to go it would definitely be somewhere with mountains. A. Cervantes loves shoes, and loves to hang out with friends ...

K. Johnston

Sports Editor

K. Johnston is a senior who is a big sports fan especially a fan of the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox.  She plays both basketball and softball. If you know her out of school, you know she loves to write baseball players letters...

K. Meinecke

Entertainment & Tech Editor

K. Meinecke is a junior at UME Prep, and this is her second year writing for the TALON. She loves Netflix, hiking, animals, and coffee. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and go on trips.

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